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Discover a Treasure Trove of Exquisite gemstones & Crystals at faceted cabochons

Welcome to our faceted cabochons collection, where elegance meets brilliance. We are well known manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of elegant gemstone jewelry and crystals in the USA, shipping our products world wide, with finest price and highest quality. We stock a multifaceted range of gemstones, right from very popular ones to the rarest ones, looking after the unique taste and styles of every gemstone collector.

So if you’re starting your own gemstone business and are still on the lookout for a reliable source to buy gemstone online. Then we have got some exciting news for you. You can definitely bestow your trust in us as we offer a treasure trove of gemstones waiting for you at our online store. From sparkling diamonds to valuable ruby, and gemstones like elegant Amethyst, beautiful Opal, fascinating Moonstone, compassionate quartz, and healing kyanite and many others too. We are serving you with finest quality and luxury to maximize your satisfaction. Another good news is that we have been ruling over the world of these unique gemstones for over 10+ years now. Our longevity speaks volumes of the quality and trustworthiness of our products. So when you choose us, you are choosing the proven track record of excellence.

Prominent Features

We have perfected our position as a leading place to buy gemstones online in bulk and here the prominent features that set us apart are:

Quality And Authenticity: We take pride in offering exceptional quality gemstones ensuring that each piece meets our required policies for quality and authenticity.

Discounts: We understand the importance of competitive prices which is why we offer attractive discounts on bulk orders, allowing you to maximize your savings while still enjoying the finest of gemstones.

Flexible & Convenient delivery options: If you as a gemstone retailer are too looking for a hussle free delivery option. Faceted Cabochons are the best choice.

Amazing Customer Experience: offering our customers the best quality of products, affordable prices with convenient deliveries that they end up buying more than they have planned for.

Ethical pricing: We believe in fair and ethical pricing, ensuring that you will receive the best value for your investment.

Leading Online Wholesale Gemstone Supplier

We have established ourselves as leading online manufactures and suppliers of gemstones in the industry because of our exceptional quality products and mind blowing deals we are offering.

And all this while we have managed to collect the versatile needs of gemstone retailers, various gemstone businesses online and others. So whether you are looking for gemstones in bulk or just a few special pieces, we have got you covered with all types of stones, cuts and colors to satisfy your wholesale gemstone requirements.

Exceptionally Cut Natural Gemstones & Crystals

We take pride in informing you that our handmade gemstones are truly the living testament to the brilliant skills of our artisans. Each piece is made manually with love and care, right from selection of gemstones to polishing, faceting and including remaining other activities.

Comprehensive Quality Check

Along with the exceptional price, we believe in offering exceptional quality too, which will match up your satisfaction when it comes to buying gemstone online. Our expert quality checkers ensure that each and every stone matches standard quality parameters.

Worldwide Finest Shipping

As reputed worldwide gemstone suppliers, we are well informed about the required rules of packing and shipping so the stone reaches our customers safely. And for that we carefully manage to pack each item, to protect it from damage by third parties, thus Making a way for easy and flexible shipping.

Equitable Treatment Of Gemstone Artisans

As per the moral human grounds we are very well aware of the well being of our artisans and about their family and also share healthy relationships with them. In Fact we all work as a team motivating each other to give the best service for higher customer satisfaction.

Variety Of Gemstone At Affordable Prices

As a reputed manufacturer and supplier of gemstones, we offer a wide range of stones to choose from while ensuring budget friendly prices for our customers. So that they can get the best value for their investment,

Our Wholesale Range OF Birthstones

Birthstones are the stones associated with our birth month, usually considered lucky for us. If you are also interested in the stone of your birth month, so no need to look further as we have stocked all the birthstones right from the month January to december. Go ahead and grab yours at faceted cabochons.